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Assignments & recent projects

House shoot Interior / extrerior

Images to be used for advertising and letting the house via Luxury House agents

2 days shoot of both Exterior grounds and each of the major rooms. Alternate Set ups for kitchen , dining rooms, breakfast terrace and pool dining area. Provision of up to 150 high resolution shots For the client to choose from for various applications.

Costs : - £150.00 per day + expenses

+ Image batch at £200.00 all in with copyright control.

Commercial Picture Assignment..

The client , an Advertising agency acting on behalf an Areospace manufacturer wanted action shots of a local Red Arrows display for a advertising campaign. the images were subsequently used in a trade magazine feature

Cost :-

Assignment per day £150.00 plus expenses and 10 usable high resolution images @ £65.00 each with Copyright control.

Social Photo Assignment:

General Photo's required of friends & family and a capture of the day's Flavour, 25 images used eventually for 4 leather bound high quality albums


Assignment per day £150 plus expenses.

25 images, Mounted & Bound in A3 leather albums with copyright control @ £185 per album.